"Quality is important to us and that is what we get from Lundgren Machinery."
Bo Heiel, SCA Packaging
Lundgren Machinery Box 93, SE-245 21 Staffanstorp. Phone +46 40 46 25 00. Fax +46 40 46 22 36. info@lundgrenmachinery.se


For customer IBS machines
Phone +46-40 46 25 47
Magnus Broberg

For contract costumer
Phone +46 40 46 25 45
Benny Backheim



You order – we deliver

Do you already have a product? It may be a newly developed product or a product that has been on the market for some time. In either case, we can offer you efficient production and take care of the entire production chain – from order to delivery. We can also partner you in innovative product projects that include training and installation.

We take you from concept to end machine solution. A project manager will provide you with access to our entire chain of knowledge encompassing construction, manufacturing and assembly. You can expect full service, close monitoring and quick decision paths.

Contact benny.backheim@lundgrenmachinery.se, phone +46 40 46 25 45.


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